William the Conqueror

What do you think of when you hear the name William of Conqueror or also called Guillaume Le Conquérant in French? King of England after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. True. French leader as the Duke of Normandy. Also true. Viking Warrior King ? This one is true as well. A descendant of the…


Bjorn Ironside

The Viking sagas are full of powerful warriors that called themselves kings while raiding across Europe – it is difficult to know how much of their stories are history, and how much are legend. One of the most memorable of these mythical figures is the 9th century Viking raider Bjorn Ironside. One of the many…

Norse Mythology

Valknut Symbol

The Viking world was full of symbols. Not only were they a powerful way to express ideas, but the Vikings also thought that symbols had power. As well as expressing the world, the Vikings believed that symbols, when made by the right hands, had the power to shape the world. One of the most common…


What did vikings Drinks ?

We often imagine the Vikings as having a work hard, play hard culture. They gave their all on the battlefield, and afterwards celebrated with nights of heavy drinking of mead and beer, out of large drinking horns ideal for drinking games! That is actually not too far from the truth. The Vikings did mark their…

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The Helm Of Awe

Symbols were important to the Vikings. For the Vikings, the runes were more than just an alphabet. They believed that runes could not only describe the world as a written script, but, when used correctly, could also shape the world. This is why the Norns, the Norse Fates, wrote the destiny of men by inscribing…


Harald Hardrada

While many of us were still grieving about the end of the History Channel’s epic Vikings series, Netflix threw us a lifeline and announced that it would be working with the same creators to make a sequel, Vikings: Valhalla. This new series will be set 100 years after the current show and will tell the…


Freydis Eiriksdottir

It was not just Viking men, but also Viking women, that were known and feared as ferocious warriors. Of all the Viking shield maidens whose stories have been preserved, Freydis is probably the most ferocious. The daughter of Erik the Red, she travelled to Vinland in the Americas where she terrified the natives. She was…

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Leif Erikson

If you know much about Viking history, you have probably come across the name Leif Ericson, the icelandic explorer. A son of Erik the Red, he was more than you typical Viking warrior. Leif Ericson was the 1st Viking explorer that visited North America, and also the man that brought Christianity to Greenland. With such…

Life Style

How to be a viking ?

How to be a viking ? There is little question that the Vikings have captured the imagination. We see them as romantic warrior figures that displayed intense bravery, rugged style and followed an intriguing and profound belief system. But while Vikings are fascinating figures from the past, Vikings do not belong exclusively to history. With…

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