Norse Mythology


When the first Marvel Thor movie came out in 2011, there was some talk of team Jane Foster and Team Lady Sif, because many people knew that in Norse mythology, Thor is married to Sif (not that it stops him from having flings with lots of other women). But this is not the only thing…

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Vikings Braids

Did Viking women (and men) really wear the elaborate braided hairstyles that we see in modern re-imaginings on TV? The short answer is yes, though they might not have looked exactly as they do on today’s actors. Today we are going to have a very quick look at the evidence for the Viking braid. We…


Viking Kings

The Vikings were fearless warriors, but empires were not built by individual warriors. The Vikings had to form bands to conduct their raids and live in communities to protect what was theirs. That means that they had leaders. Viking rulers were more like chieftains than kings, though some of them styled themselves kings within their…

Norse Mythology

Ymir in Norse Mythology

Most cultures have an “in the beginning” story which describes how the world came into being. The Vikings are no different. At the center of the Norse creation story is Ymir, also known as Aurgelmir, the first of all beings. A primordial giant that was the hermaphroditic ancestor of all giants, the Vikings also believed…

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One of the nine worlds that formed the cosmos in Norse mythology, Muspelheim, the realm of fire, plays an important role in both the creation of the Norse universe, and its final destruction at Ragnarok. Muspelheim was the home of the Fire Giants, an old enemy of the Aesir gods led by Odin. They were…

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