Samhain: Pagan vs. Norse Halloween

You have probably heard somewhere that modern Heathens and followers of the old Norse ways celebrate Halloween as an important holiday but under the traditional name of Samhain. This is only partly true. The end of the harvest system at the end of October and the start of November was certainly an important time for…


The Vikings in Spain

The Vikings are infamous for raiding and terrorizing their neighbors in Britain and France and are known to have been active in the east around the Balkans and as far as Constantinople. But we hear very little about the Vikings in Spain and Portugal. Did the Vikings leave these nearby lands untouched? The Vikings were…


What is a Viking Berserker Warrior?

All Viking warriors were known by their neighbors to be strong, ferocious, and bloodthirsty. But among the Vikings themselves, there was an elite group of warriors known as the Berserkers. They were believed to fight with the ferocity of wild animals and to be immune to steel and fire. But did these warriors really exist,…

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