Timeline for the Viking Age

On our blog, we share a lot of individual stories from Viking history, whether it was the time that Ragnar Lothbrok sacked Paris, when Erik the Red was exiled from Iceland and established the first Viking colony in Greenland, or when Harald Hardrada lost his life while disputing his claim to the English throne. While…


6 Legendary Viking Battles

The Vikings are known for their prowess and warriors, so, unsurprisingly, they have been involved in some of the bloodiest battles in history. While the details of how many men were involved and died in battle are often fantastical and speculative, they clearly left behind bloody battlefields. But what are some of the most legendary…


What is Wicca? Wicca vs Witchcraft

Significant confusion exists between the terms Wicca and Witchcraft, with many people choosing to use them interchangeably. But for those whose lives are embedded in these traditions, they have very different meanings. This article will explore what Wicca is, and how witchcraft exists within Wicca, while also trying to make clear that Wicca is just…

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