How Big Were the Vikings?

In modern stories of the Vikings, Norse warriors tend to be presented as enormous and towering over their European neighbors. But were the Vikings really taller and stronger than other people living in Europe at that time? The short answer is actually yes! When the Vikings first landed in England at the end of the…


How Did the Vikings Navigate?

The Vikings are known for having been excellent sailors. The superiority of their ships allowed them to dominate their corner for Europe for centuries. They discovered new lands, such as Iceland and Greenland, which were otherwise known to Europeans. They also made it to the Americas half a millennium before any other European. But without…


Marvel caracters vs Norse mythology

While it is great to see the Marvel movie franchise popularizing some of the important entities from Norse mythology, such as Thor, Loki, and Odin, it is important to remember that Marvel is representing a fictional universe based on a well-established comic book series with its own contextual universe, and not based directly on Norse…

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