What is Wicca? Wicca vs Witchcraft

Significant confusion exists between the terms Wicca and Witchcraft, with many people choosing to use them interchangeably. But for those whose lives are embedded in these traditions, they have very different meanings. This article will explore what Wicca is, and how witchcraft exists within Wicca, while also trying to make clear that Wicca is just…


Understanding Viking Birth Runes

Natal astrology is present in most cultures, from ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean to ancient China and India. While every culture reads the signs differently, they are all based on the belief that where the celestial bodies sit in relation to the Earth when a person is born influences their innate character. We don’t know…

History Norse Mythology

Norse Sagas

An Introduction to the Norse Sagas The Norse Sagas are legends and histories about the Viking Age that were composed predominantly in Iceland from the late 12th century onwards. Today, more than 40 individual sagas are preserved in a variety of manuscripts. Read on to discover the historical context of the Norse Sagas and a…

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