Vikings in Estonia: The Salme Ships

There is good evidence that the Vikings were sailing into the Baltic and the region of Estonia from the start of the 9th century and that by the 10th century, they were having a big impact on the area with several Estonian-Viking settlements emerging in the mostly Finno-Hungarian region. However new archaeological evidence suggests that…


Who Were the Knights Templar ?

While most people have heard of the Knights Templar and now that they have something to do with the Crusades, few people know much about their history or their Viking connection. This is a brief history of the Knights Templar that highlights some of the practices that they seem to have borrowed from Viking warrior…


The Vikings and the Crusades

Did you know that the Vikings were contemporary with the Crusades that saw Christians from the West try to recapture Jerusalem ? The Vikings were already officially converted to Christianity when the Crusades began, though pagan traditions continued. However, the Vikings did not join the main Crusades into the Holy Land. Instead, they had conquests…

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