Norse Mythology

Bifrost Bridge

Norse mythology describes the universe as a fascinating cosmos with many intriguing worlds. But one of the most interesting elements of the Norse cosmos is not a world at all, but the Rainbow Bifrost Bridge. An enchanted bridge created by the gods, it connects the worlds of the Aesir gods and men, allowing the gods…


Gunnar Hamumdarson

Gunnar Hamundarson is one of the most famous Icelandic Viking heroes. His life story is recorded in the Njals Saga. But, while Gunnar was most likely a real person, his character is used in the saga to tell a moral story. While Gunnar is described as a warrior without equal, unlike the bloodthirsty warriors of…


Famous Viking Women

It is a sad truth that until recent generations, most women have been obscured from history. In patriarchal societies with histories written by men about men, we often lose sight of the roles of women, grand and humble. This is also true of Viking history. Even the stories of the goddesses are lost. For example,…


Egill Skallagrimsson

It is well known that the Viking sagas tell the stories of the most impressive Viking heroes, but are they all to be taken seriously? The saga of the infamous Viking poet and warrior Egill Skallagrimsson reads more like Monty Python’s Life of Brian than like the story of a true Viking hero. The saga…


Eric Bloodaxe

Eric Bloodaxe is one of the most famous Viking warriors, at least in the British Isles. Many Britons today trace their Viking ancestry through Eric Bloodaxe and his prodigy who settled in York. But Eric’s story seems far less noble than that of many other Viking warriors. He was expelled from kingship several times, usually…

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